Air Travel Companion

Air Travel Companion is a family owned and run company, which specialises in providing flight companions and flight nurses to fly with unaccompanied children, people with medical needs, people who suffer from flight anxiety, and people who simply require some help to travel. 

Based in Australia and England, Air Travel Companion provides a complete travel assistance service to travellers around the world. Our flight companions and flight nurses accompany our client travellers on every step of their journey, from check-in and security at their point of origin to baggage claim at their final destination. Our mission is to ensure that our client travellers arrive at their destination safe, in great spirits and stress free.

Air Travel Companion has a wonderful team of flight companions and flight nurses who are caring, knowledgeable in international travel, experienced in flight assistance and qualified in health care.

So if you or your loved one need some assistance to travel, you can depend on Air Travel Companion. We are here to help.

Our Founder

Air Travel Companion was set up based on the founder's love for travel and passion for her work as a nurse. With experience in various workplaces, she witnessed first-hand the different hurdles and stresses people face with air travel, and felt that as a health care professional, she was in a unique position to be able to help. 

Born in Manchester and raised in Australia, the founder is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience as well as a Travel Repatriation Nurse possessing specialist qualifications in Aviation Health. She has worked for major hospitals, international airlines, medical insurance companies, the Australian Air Ambulance and the Flying Doctors Service as well as the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration.