Nurse’s Fine Idea Takes Flights

As any small business founders knows, you can have the world’s most unique service but if no one knows about it, you may as well not bother.

The founder of Air Travel Companion was convinced she had an idea whose time had come. As a nurse with more than 15 years experience, including training in aviation health as part of the Qantas medical team, she identified a niche in the travel market for often time-poor individuals who need someone to accompany their loved ones.

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Buddy on Board: NZ Travel Trade

A small band of registered nurses are making it possible for disabled, elderly, sick and young people to travel where they may never have travelled before.

Air Travel Companion is staffed by registered nurses who escort clients on a flight, providing door-to-door delivery, wheelchairs, assistance, onboard entertainment, constant monitoring and any other services required onboard, including administering medication. They will also handle luggage, passports, tickets and transfers on the ground.

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Australia's first Air Travel Companion

Australians can now be rest assured that their elderly or unwell relatives and young children can travel interstate or overseas safely without needing to be accompanied by a family member, with the launch of Australia’s first travel assistance service.

Air Travel Companion is a new service making qualified carers available to escort young, elderly or infirm travellers on long journeys, ensuring they travel comfortably and arrive safely.

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Travel Companions For Hire 

People who are unable to travel alone because they are too young, elderly or require assistance for medical reasons, could find this new service just the ticket.

Air Travel Companion is an organisation of qualified carers whose job is to ensure their client’s needs are attended to on the flight and that they arrive at their destination safely.

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