At Air Travel Companion, we tailor our services to meet the travel assistance needs and wishes of our client travellers. 

For every client traveller, we:   

  • are contactable all day, every day

  • help make your travel arrangements
  • accompany you from the start to the end of your journey, including:
    • collect you from your home  
    • arrange check-in at the airport, passage through airport security and flight boarding
    • provide company and assistance during the flight 
    • assist with baggage collection  
    • drop you at your hotel or unite you with family or friends 

For client travellers requiring medical travel assistance, we provide the following additional services: 

  • liaise with your primary care physician about your medical travel needs
  • monitor your fitness for travel
  • obtain written medical clearance for your travel
  • organise any medical equipment for the journey, including oxygen and wheelchair
  • arrange pre-boarding and boarding assistance with the airline
  • administer in-flight treatment as prescribed by your primary care physician