Our Services

Air travel made easy with medical assistance

ATC is dedicated to providing our clients with all forms of medical and emotional assistance during flight travel with our registered nurses

We Cater To All

Our clients are varied. Many people suffer from medical conditions that prohibit them from traveling on flights without a caregiver. This can often happen due to old age, or due to flight-related anxiety. It can also be an emergency situation such as someone who has recently had a stroke.

For all the above cases and more, ATC has a team of registered nurses who are highly proficient in handling clients with a wide range of medical conditions. We are available 24/7, so call us right away to book a professional nurse as your flight companion.

We Take Care Of All Needs

ATC ensures that you don’t have to worry about the travel process at all. Once you have contacted us, we will set up a travel plan for you, along with contacting any personal doctors you may have.

Our nurses will then help you checkin and board the flight, and provide any medical caregiving required. We will also consult with the airline as required and prepare for any medical devices such as wheelchairs, oxygen cylinders, etc.

We Will Help You Reach Your Destination As Well

Once you have gotten off the flight, our nurses will drop you at your hotel or reunite you with your family/primary caregivers.

We don’t simply provide services, rather we care for those who need assistance during flight travel. We will always ensure that our services are customized for you and provide you with a truly worry-free experience.