Travel Companions For Hire

People who are unable to travel alone because they are too young, elderly or require assistance for medical reasons, could find this new service just the ticket.

Air Travel Companion is an organisation of qualified carers whose job is to ensure their client’s needs are attended to on the flight and that they arrive at their destination safely.

Carers include registered nurses who assist the traveller from check-in to arrival before handing over to family and friends. The ‘companions’ take care of wheelchair assistance, special seating as well as administering medication and aiding the passenger throughout the flight.

The founder of Air Travel Companion has extensive experience in special training in aviation health earned as part of the Qantas medical team.

She believes that the demand for this service is significant, with many people having relatives in need of special assistance. In the past, these people have had no choice but to purchase a return ticket, take time off work and collect the relative personally.

“People have good reason to worry when an infirm family member travels alone. Common concerns include administering medication in changing time zones, and a lack of assistance if the traveller should happen to have a fit, develop acute symptoms, or become distressed while in flight,” said the founder.

“Having a qualified professional who can provide personal assistance and dedicated care has helped put a lot of people’s minds to rest,” the founder said.

– September 2007, Kris Madden, Travel Talk